Kristine Astop 2019Kristine Astop (she/her) is an emerging Canadian marker artist, based in Calgary, Alberta.

While she has explored a multitude of mediums, styles and subject matter, her primary passion is photorealism that focuses on the human (or nearly human) form.

Having been raised on rich diet of science fiction, fantasy and horror, much of Kristine’s work is a love letter to those genres.  She has a particular affinity and fondness for monsters and broken things.

When she isn’t obsessively hunched over her latest creation, Kristine spends her time indulging her geeky tendencies through her love of theatre, film, science fiction, and video games.

Kristine is an active member of the local amateur theatre community where she volunteers and supports numerous theatrical productions throughout the season.   She has produced, directed and set designed, as well as provided properties fabrication and scenic art support for over thirty productions over the last few seasons.  She also is a film previewer for the Calgary International Film Festival.

She would eagerly run away at the promise of adventure if a YT-1300 Transport or a salvaged MCRN corvette-class frigate showed up outside her house. But only if her dog, Ripley, could come.


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